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Community Classes for Personal Self Health, Auriculotherapy,

Reflexology and Korean Hand Therapy to be Arranged.

Professional Trainer Program for the NADA Protocol and Auriculotherapy will also be posted

Live-On Line Classes Currently offered individually or as a group

(please pre-schedule and pre-pay)


Easing Into Labor   

Childbirth is a deeply personal emotional and physical experience.

It is a time of excitement and transitions into many new beginnings...but

Women can often feel isolated with personal concerns, increasing anxiety and stress

as the due date approaches , or even passes.

This program is intended to holistically prepare for labor during those last weeks,

encouraging mind/body relaxation and learning natural therapies to pave the way for a smoother transition into labor.  It will help to promote the natural changes iniating labor so it is recommeneded that the class be done after the 39th week of pregnancy.  We will review stress management techniques, touch points, reflex therapies and bio-energetics. It is an opportunity for a personal focus on questions, concerns to ease tension, and promote confidence through the last few weeks of pregnancy to birth.

Please contact me to schedule your personal appointment at 513-271-5881 or

40 min/ $95

Reflex Therapies for Stress and Pain Management

This program is designed to understand and review the reflex therapies of Reflexology, Korean Hand Therapy, and Auriculotherapy to assist with the self-management of stress, and general to specific pain concerns.  Learn to identify somatic mapping on the ears, hands and feet to access  zones, regions and points to stimulate energetic  body/mind communcation. This is a power point presentation with practical  hands- on therapy education.  The program will include a Tool Kit for at home care.   

75 min/ $135

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