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Beyond Masks and Purell...lets do all we can to stay healthy

Our health, especially during this "virus crisis" has become a priority and many of us are looking for ways to boost our immunity and stay healthy. Our first defense is our own lifestyle in reducing toxins and general stress in our environment and our bodies. Healthy life style strategies can reduce inflammation, support mental calm and boost immunity. Small changes can often create big results... and remember that health is a journey not a destination. So perhaps this is a time to notice our habits and take a step toward a healthy change.

Spring clean your enivironment-reduce house toxicity, experiment with organic cleaners and natural body care products, use essential oils for house hold scents

Go organic with your nutrition-trash your junk, processed and sugary food. Cook healthy as a family and explore new recipes adding color with fruits and veggies. Make organic smoothes

Add spice for flavor and health- garlic, ginger,turmeric, pepper, cinnamon, oregano and fennel can reduce inflammation. Create simple soups with bone broth, veggies and spice

Sleep-7-9 hours- give your brain time to rest and recover

Stop smoking -and reduce alcohol consumption

Get outside-"forest bath" and breathe in nature

Move your body- 30 minutes daily to increase circulation and heartrate

Hydrate-support your lymph system to flush away toxins. Add daily lemon water, ginger or green tea

Improve your gut health-use probiotics and antioxidants to neutralize free radicals. Add friendly bacteria with fermented foods, Kim chi, sauerkraut and yogurt

Reduce stress- through mindfulness, breathwork and quiet calm time, explore a hobby, paint, read

Connect with friends and family- unplug the mindless tech, write a letter, play cards or a board game

Eat lean protein-to aide in the production of antibodies and white blood cells

Take a plant based muti vitamin and mineral supplement-to support "micron nutient malnutrition"adding back selenium, zinc,iron,copper, B6, folic acid and vitamin D, E, and C to feed your cells

Learn to incorporate organic herbs- to reduce inflammation and boost immunity-elderberry, echincea, goldenseal, astragalus, andrgraphis, shisandra, eleutro and ginsing.

Start small, with a focus and goal...pick one, or a just few changes to explore that can become part of a healthier lifestyle and have fun...enjoy. Consider a health coaching programcan help you stay on track.

Be well, stay strong and stay well.

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