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Judith Morey RN, ND, BC-HN, ADS-T, CR-T

                      "The Barefoot Nurse"

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Nursing is the "heart and soul" of medicine and it is a role that focuses on compassion and a relationship to care for individuals and families beyond the "pillbox".   Holistic / Naturopathic Nursing became the perfect journey to focus on natural options for health promotion, illness prevention, self care practice

and transformational healing.

   "Barefoot Nursing" is "sole to soul" , "down to earth" therapy.

It is the partnership to help individuals take charge of their  health; 

to nourish and nurture  body, mind and spirit naturally and holistically.

I am the owner of the Barefoot RNR, Division of Natural Wellness & Healing, Inc., located in Madeira, Ohio.  Please see our website for further information at  It is a unique wellness center offering professional personalized complementary holistic care, restorative therapy and

functional wellness remedies. 

I have been in practice since 1980, with experience in traditional and integrative nursing care, as an independent practitoner and educator.   My background includes Certifications in Holistic Nursing, Naturopathy, Auricular Therapy,

Acu-Detox(NADA), Reflexology, Lymphedema Management, Women's Health, and Stress Management, as well as Health Coaching.

I am also an Organic Skin, Foot and Nail Care Specialist.

Why Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a practice of integrative health care that focus on natural remedies and life style choices emphasizing prevention, self-healing, education, holistic concepts and supporting optimal health for individuals.  It is the art and science of the earliest health care systems, understanding that health and illnesses are mutifocal and unique to each individual's experiences.  The philosophy of care combines the understanding of traditional medicine with the wisdom of ancient therapies treating the whole person in mind, body and spirit.

It can help to

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Healthy Starts Here

at the Barefoot RNR

Practical Naturopathy and  Reflex Therapies
Stress and Pain Management, Health Promotion


Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy
De-stress, reduce trauma effects and balance mood and clarity of thoughts through Stress Reduction therapies

Stress is our Number 1 killer.  Chronic stress is the foundation for most of our illness and disease.  Stress surrounds us in our environment, food, daily routines, relationships and all aspects of our lives...but along with the stress, how we respond to the stressors determines the effects on our mind/body and spirit. 

Learn to recognize how we hold and pattern coping behaviors, and learn to art of relaxation to create a deep personal calm and balance. 

Increase comfort and improve movement and vitality through Pain Management

Pain is our body/ minds communication that something is out of balance. Think outside the pillbox to seek a broader understanding of the source and perhaps, meaning of the discomfort.  Practice remedies to ease symptoms and learn to manage your path to feeling better.

Herb Plants
Reduce Inflammation and restore skin health through Detoxification

Toxins are poisons that cause unhealthy effects in our bodies. These include pesticides, artificial ingredients in our food, chemicals in body care products, pollutants in our air and water. When toxins accumulate greater than normal body functions can neutralize,  it results  in supressed immunity and inflammation...the foundation for illness and diseases. Reduce the toxic load through natural remedies and support those organs of detoxification 

Specializing in Womens Health through all life stages, transitions, joy and trauma

Increase Resilance and Immunity through Holistic Health Promotion and Prevention

Our health is predominately determined by our lifestyle...but the journey toward better health can be difficult.  Learn to create and manage a realistic plan that can focus on the best choices to reach your health goals. Our fast paced stressful lives often leads us to smoking, over eating, sugar, carbs, alcohol, drugs, internet addicitions just to keep pace.  Change those pattens that aren't working for you and develop new strategies to feel better...sooner.

Wellness Coaching is offered onsite or online.   

Learn to practice Natural Self Care to be an active participant in in your own health and understand natural options

Our health system today is complex and our options can seem overwhelming.  Learn the art and science of integrative care combining traditional understanding with ancient natural wisdom and confidently be the center of your own health care.

Ease general foot pain from injury or post surgery, prevent foot trauma through 
Clinical Foot & Nail Care

 Our feet are a sophisticated network of bones and engineering taking on the demands of an active lifestyle .We dont pay much attention to our feet until we are in pain...and when our feet hurt nothing else seems to matter. Learn techniques to ease the pain and keep feet  healthy.


Please call the office at 513-271-5881 to schedule an appointment.  Walk-ins are not available, but please call the office for any last minute scheduling.  I look forward to the opportunity to work together. 

Payment can be made prior or at the time of service.

Please give a 24 hour notice of any appointment changes  

health is a journey and not a destination

Integrative Therapies and Services

Reflex Foot Therapy- (reflexology in a recliner) 
Treat your feet to "sole to soul" relaxation in a recliner 
Therapy includes an herbal/salt foot soak, scrub and reflex-foot massage
Barefoot work                                                                     60 min/ $75
Barefoot Therapy   -with added hot stones, Kanza, poultice or parrafin therapy
                                                                                          80 min/ $95
Ionic Foot Bath with Reflexology                                           80 min/ $115


Clinical Reflexology- (reflexology on a massage table)

Also known as Zone Therapy, is a specific pressure therapy applied to reflex points and regions on the ears, hands and feet.  These correspond and communicate to body areas

and systems and  creating a deep relaxation and internal calm. Research indicates that this therapy reduces pain, anxiety, stress, and normalizes body / mind functioning. Lying down on a massage table, only your socks and shoes need to be removed to experience this wellness therapy.  Includes an herbal salt foot soak.

Reflexology          -foot soak and therapy to ears or  hands, and feet       

                            60 min/ $95

Acu-Reflexology   -foot soak and therapy to ears, hands and feet             

                            80 min/ $115

Integrative Reflexology  -includes a variety of additional therapies and

                            personal health counseling.  Additional therapies are 

                            Kanza, aromatherapy, KHT, moxa, auriculotherapy, & marma)   

                            90 min/ $135

Aroma-Zone          -reflex therapy to the spine, ears, hands and feet       

                            90 min/ $135

Bio-Energetic Reflexology   -gentle touch for trauma & chronic illness,

                             may include emotional release techniques and therapies                                                       60 min/ $85

Head Massage
Pressure point massage 2


Therapy based on the understanding that the ear is a microsystem reflecting the enrgy and structure of the entire body.  Stimulation through touch, vibration and needling send information directly to the brain and nervous system, resulting in a deep overall sense of well being, calm and relaxation. This is an FDA approved treatment for chronic pain, miraines, stress, anxiety, emotional trauma, PTSD and additions.  It can be helpful to stop smoking, weight loss and healthy behavior changes.

Therapy my include ear seeds, magnets, acupuncture, Stim-Pro

or the NADA Protocol             

Auriculotherapy                                                                 45 min/ $50

* can be combined with other therapies 


NADA Pic.jpg

Wellness Therapies

Edema/ Lymphedema Management -postop and/or post injury care            60 min/ $90

                                                                                                            90 min/ $130

Clinical Foot and Nail Care  -reduce foot pain due to overuse, injury or illness. 

     Nail and callous debridement, neuropathy and diabetic evaluation         60 min/  $80


Cupping therapy   - as management to detoxing, edema and congestion as an                                                                      integrative therapy can be added 

Massage Therapy

Naturopathic/ Holistic Health Coaching 

Includes a comprehensive holistic assessment, health history, system survey, stress and toxicity evaluation to create a personal plan of care. Health coaching can provide strategies and options for successful management of challenges, as well as goals.

Packages are available consisting of 4 appointments focusing on restoring vitality, reducing inflammation, managing pain, system re-balance and de-stressing.

On-site or *On-line                         50 min/ $75

                                     4- session package/  $280

*On-line appointments must be scheduled, pre-paid and are       provided through Zoom

Group sessions will be available, please see the community education page

Mind-Body Health RESET  (Health coaching alone or with added therapies)

start this year with a realistic plan and focus!

Plan1- 90 min system survey review and reflex analysis $150.00

Plan 2- 3- 90 minute appointments to include 30 min coaching and 60 min of integrative therapies $390.00 (140.00 per session)

Plan 3- Complete system survey at home and follow up with coaching sessions in-house or on-line  $70/ session


Personal Wellness Protocols and Programs

Customized combined therapies to focus on personal health and healing goals

Maybe a single appointment or a recommended series

*Ease into Pregnancy, Labor, Menopause

(Ease into Labor is also offered as a live on-line program,

please information under classes)

*Manage stress, Anxiety, depression

*Reduce addictions- Sugar, Alcohol, Smoking, Drugs

*Restore calm from trauma, PTSD

In-office sessions include 30 minutes of consultation and

                      60 minutes of  therapy                         90 min/ $145

Packages of 4 sessions packages recommended for some programs: ($540.00)

Gift certificates are available 


Your Health Starts Here

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